May 07, 2016

The definition of Woman - Reality check!

I must say ever since I watch the Reality Show „Im Cait“ on E about Bruce Jenners journey of becoming Caitlyn Jenner and her transgender community, I realize that I have never given so much thought about being a Woman in my entire Life. Probably because I live in a country, where Woman are so independent and strong, that they forget the value and beauty of their gender. Also because unfortunately I  live in a country where gentleman simply don’t exist! At least I haven't met anyone!

Watching the second series on E and hearing the unbelievable high expectations, desires, wishes and dreams that these transgender Woman have from our society - especially from man - makes me wonder and question what they think being a WOMAN actually really means!
These Women insist that being transgender is more than just wearing make-up, styling their hair and dressing up. It is their souls desire to be a Woman and it is not only their physical appearance that matters.

I must say as open-minded as I am and as much as I have empathy, full understanding and compassion for the incredible difficult journey they go through - from the emotional struggles to the physical - I think they need a REALITY CHECK, when it comes to their desires for having a loving and caring man on their side.

Transgender Woman like Candis Cayne suffer of the fear of loneliness and the pain of feeling unwanted and unaccepted by man. But let me tell you this: Even as a “normal” Woman in this decade man out there show no respect for Woman whatsoever. Men are acting more and more selfish, unkind, disrespectful, rude and ungrateful. So what these "new" Women are complaining about has nothing to do with being a transgender.

The rejection and emotional abuse these Woman receive is the rejection many Woman feel out there every single day. Dating and finding your soulmate, your Mr. Right is not only an issue transgender Woman have to struggle with. We all do! Welcome to reality!

This days it is damn tough to be a Woman in general. Regardless of being transgender or a natural born Woman. Regardless of where you live and what you do.
Recently a gay former working-colleague of mine, who has separated from his long year partner asked me if I know a rich Sheik, who would literally read every wish from his lips and treat him like a queen. Well who doesn’t want that? A kind, selfless, loving, giving, tender, romantic, understanding, supportive, loyal, trustable, faithful and respectful man/soulmate?

We all wish to be cherished, appreciated and loved by someone we love back. But that’s just not happening for everyone. Regardless of being transgender or a “normal” Woman finding TRUE LOVE that is based on honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect and TRUST is like winning the Lottery! So dearest Candis wake up and face the damn hard reality!

As an independent Woman myself, growing up without the Love and support of a caring father I learned that you can’t and shouldn’t rely and hope for a Man’s love and kindness from early age on. Surviving a loveless marriage to the most unkind, careless and selfish Jerk on the planet, I experienced fast that man can be extremely heartless, insensitive, shameless, faithless and godless.  My beautiful mother, a sacrificing and attractive single Woman taught me from young age on what independency and self-respect means. She also showed me that being a Woman is not a bed of roses. Nowadays man treat Woman so unkind and disrespectful that we have no other choice than to become thorny roses instead of sensual roses.

It is interesting to watch and hear what high and unrealistic expectations these transgender Woman have today - from Life as well as from society and man - giving the fact that they were physically and mentally born as MANS. They are delusional!

No wonder the ridiculous “Woman of the Year Award” cost Caitlyn Jenner a huge controversy, when she received it last year! This Womans Award is an insult for all the Woman out there! Why? Because

·         Woman of the year ALL the Woman who suffer monthly under the enormous pain of menstruation! A transgender has absolutely no clue what the pain feels like.

·         Woman of the year ALL the Woman who survive nine months of pregnancy.

·         Woman of the year are ALL  the Woman who give birth to a new born child.

·         Woman of the year are ALL the single mothers out there who are raising their kids without the emotional and financial support of a man.

·         Woman of the year are ALL the Woman who play along their husbands by being the cook, the household cleaner, the lover and the mother of their child.

·         Woman of the year are ALL the Woman who hold on to their selfish, unfaithful and unkind husbands in loveless marriages only for the sake of their children.

·         Woman of the year are ALL the Woman who suffer in silence because of emotional and physical abuse by their violent partners.

·         Woman of the year are ALL the Woman who try to live in denial knowing that the partner is a cheater and a liar.

·         Woman of the year are ALL The Woman who manage to be a wife, a mother and a fulltime working Woman without ever complaining.

·         And last but not least Woman of the year are Woman like Caitlyn Jenner’s Ex-Wife Kris Jenner and her two daughters for accepting and handling the outing of her husband/their father Bruce Jenner. Which was and still is a public humiliation for any married Woman and daughter!

Kris and Brucer Jenner

Bruce Jenner in the middle and the Kardashian Family
Bruce Jenner today as Cait Jenner
WOMAN sacrifice so much in Life. In this decade probably more than ever before in human history! Why? Because in the past the position of a Woman was clear in the society. But nowadays the more time goes by the more man decide to act selfish, thoughtless and irresponsible. Bruce Jenner is just one of many examples. Man check out on their families and responsibilities emotionaly and physically after decades of marriage either by leaving the family for an affair or by deciding to become suddenly gay or transgender. So Woman have no other choice than to take more responsibilities to survive Life.

Caitlyn Jenner deserves very well an Award for bringing awareness to a delicate topic. And for having the courage to finally be HONEST to herself after three marriages and six Kids!!!! BUT she certainly doesn’t deserve an Award as the Woman of the year, just because of her beauty surgeries and designer dresses. Also not because she thinks she can walk into a Ladies room at a Trump Tower Building.
For the Love of God being a Woman is more than just being sexy, having fake giant Boobs. Wearing fake eye-lashes and long nails. Walking around with high heels and short dresses. Having long fake hair (extensions) and wearing makeup and lipstick.
The more time goes by the more I feel that every kind of community in this world is getting more understanding, respect, empathy and global rights beside Woman. Starting from same-sex-marriage, Adoption, gay-rights, transgender-rights etc.
But for God sake what about Womans right? Where is the respect for Woman, mothers and wifes? Being a Woman is much much more. It is priceless and precious! Unfortunately and sadly man and our superficial society keeps forgetting to respect Woman for what they are. Fact is NOT ONE SINGLE MAN (whether transgender, gay or straight) would exist in this world if it wasn’t for their mother! Remember that!
Woman of the year are ALL THE loving and caring Mothers, specially single mothers like mine out there.

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