May 16, 2016

Damn Pharmacy – We have lost another music legend

When we suffer from physical conditions such as migraine, headache, tummyache, insomnia etc. the pain is always nothing but a reflection of our soul. Something or somebody in our life is bothering us emotionally, spiritually or physically.

What do most of us do? We go to a doctor or the next pharmacy on the corner! And what do they do? The first thing doctors do is writing a prescription for a “healing” medicine. Because it is fast and easy money for them.

Where the doctors should actually take the time and dig deeper to find out what our actual problem is. What do we patients do? We deny the actual problem and are happy and relieved to get rid of the pain asap. In the moment of desperation and pain we don’t think about the long-term consequences of using medicine. We just want to survive the day and move on with our life.

The pop legend Michael Jackson started to take pain killers after his tragic accident during the filming of his Pepsi commercial, where his hair was caught on fire and now Prince with his health issues. These celebrities fate are just an example of our society. Helpless and suffering from pain they also choose to take the easy way of dealing with their health issues.

History is repeating. Once again thanks to incapable doctors and pharmacist we have lost another music Legend. Prince is gone... RIP!

What these thoughtless doctors and pharmacist do is totally irresponsible! Using people’s weakness and desperation for their own financial benefit is nothing but criminal. Damn each one of you for messing up with people’s health and life.

Ever since I’m fourteen years old I suffer from migraine. If you know my life story from my book Destination: Freedom, you totally understand why and probably say: “No wonder!” But I remember that when my doctor back then asked me if something was bothering me I always answered: “No, nothing. Everything is fine!”
I didn’t lie. I actually believed what I said, because that was my way of emotional self-defense and self-protection.

And if you have read my second book Definition of Freedom, you know that I struggled from depression back in 2013. It was such a horrible time that I had no other choice than taking Anti-depressives. I was so unhappy and miserable. But then I realized that I was getting addicted to it and I immediately – literarily overnight - put an end to it. I have to admit it was hard. The process of becoming “clean” after months was challenging. But I succeeded and I would never ever recommend anyone to take Anti-depressives while you are suffering from depression. Never ever! There are other ways of healing.

I promised myself not to take any medicine anymore except for my migraine pills. Because unfortunately there is no healing for migraines till this date. It is inevitable to take medicine if you want and have to function as a human being.

But I fall for pills again without realizing it first, when I suffered from insomnia last year. I couldn’t sleep for months. I felt so restless that I started to take sleeping pills. But forced sleep is not healthy sleep. It is complete fake. Your body is not relaxed and when you wake up you still feel tired and have no energy. I had lost my joy for Life and felt miserable. So what did I do? When I realized that I was once again becoming addicted to a pill, I put an end to the mess.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: When you’re suffering from pain, first find out WHY you are suffering! Figure out WHAT in your life is bothering you and stressing you out. WHO is making you feel miserable? What or who is causing your soul grief and sorrow?

Try to find the solution to your problem without making the pharmacy industry richer than they already are by destroying human’s body with drugs. And  if there is really absolutely NO solution to your problem, than pay your doctor or the next pharmacy on the corner a visit! Remember that every pill has a side-effect and before you realize it you end up in a vicious circle.

But make sure that the people working there are really experienced and capable employees. Because last month my mother had an infection and was in deep pain. It was Weekend and we couldn’t contact our doctor. That’s why we went to the next pharmacy. And this incapable Pharmacist advised my mom to take botanicals medicine, where she actually had to take Antibiotic as we found out later. The Pharmacist put my mom’s health at risk which was absolutly irresponsible. Someone like her should get fired immediately!

And yes I did report this to her boss, because I don’t want anyone else to suffer like my mom did for over a week for nothing! If my mom had taken the Antibiotic right away she wouldn’t have to end up in the emergency!

So for heavens sake take damn good care of your body and look after yourself. Because your body is the most precious gift you have from God. Also keep in mind that a healthy body needs a happy soul. Your happiness and inner peace is your key to a painless body.

Damn to the pharmacy industry. You are not our guardian Angels. You are greedy devils toying and risking people’s life and health! Remember no one lives forever, not even you! RIP to your conscience!

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